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happy boy in a car seatWelcome to our website!  I’m very glad you found us. My assumption is that you’re here because you’re looking for help deciding what car seat is right for your child, or maybe even looking for someplace to get that car seat. If so, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you do that and more.

It’s likely that you already know how important it is for your child’s safety to use a good car seat. While the majority of states have laws that mandate car seats, most parents would want them for their children even if the laws didn’t exist. Car accidents are a major killer of young children. Today’s car seats, when properly installed, reduce the risk of death and injury in a car accident by over 70%.

Clearly, any parent wants to provide that degree of protection for their child.

Even so, none of us really likes to be told what to do.  State mandates rankle some parents. They don’t want anyone telling them what’s best for their child, especially some bureaucrat.

Believe me, I don’t like politicians and bureaucrats meddling in my private decisions. Still, I won’t let that stop me from doing what’s right for me and my family.

For example, I don’t drink sugary sodas myself and never buy them for my kids or their friends. If they come to our home, they’ll be drinking something else. Having said that, I think New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposition to ban selling soft drinks in servings larger than 16 ounces is absurd. Even though I think it’s absurd, I’m not going to start drinking soda by the  quart just to make a point.

In the same way, even if you think your personal liberties have been infringed by the car seat mandate, get over that and focus on what’s best for your child.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, you have a lot of choices when it comes to child car seats. There are several different categories, the two main ones being rear facing (necessary for infants) and forward facing (appropriate for older children). Within any given category there are a lot of different options available. When you first start looking it can seem overwhelming. We are here to help you sort things out.

To begin with, you can look at some of the general information posts about what type of seat is appropriate for a given situation. We also have information about features you may want to consider. (Hint: ease-of-use is a big one)

Also, be sure to look at the suggestions we have concerning proper installation of a car seat. It’s unfortunate, but studies have shown that as many as 4 out of 5 car seats are not properly installed. If the seat isn’t attached firmly to the car it can’t do its job of protecting your child.

We’ve done the job for you of sorting through lots of car seats in each category to find the ones that we think are the best across a wide price range. Any of the car seats we list here meet or exceed required I safety standards and will do a good job of protecting your child.

So again, welcome! Using a car seat is one of the best things you can do for your child and I’m glad you’re giving us the chance to help.



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